Tarp Shelf 60″ Standard headache Rack

Item #: 60-S-TT

Manufacturer: Double C Canvas

Condition: NEW

Color: silver

Price:  $175.00

Availability: In-Stock

# Available: 10


Product Description

Double C Canvas and Repairs Inc.

Tarp Tray 60″ Standard Headache Rack

60″ Tarp Trays, are manufactured to Bolt to top of any style Headache rack, Tarp Trays are Manufactured with 1 angle welded to bottom side at 3 locations, The other side is adjustable to fit any Headache Rack. These have side Lips to hook rubber straps too and Secure tarps in storage, Nuts and bolts are included for install.

Tarp tray measures 60″ long x 18″ wide x 2&1/2″ tall

350 WLL


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