1 QUART HH-66 Glue with brush in can

Item #: QT-HH66

Manufacturer: DOUBLE C

Condition: New

Color: CLEAR

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Product Description

Double C Canvas and Repairs Inc.

1 Quart HH-66, includes paint brush in can.

Tarp Repair Instructions
1. identify all holes or rips
2. flip tarp to back side
3. using scissors or sharp knife, trim all loose edges
4. clean the damaged area at least 6″ all four sides using simple green, purple degreaser, Comet and water. do not use gasoline, or any oil based cleaner
5. make sure cleaned area in 100% dry
6. cut patch at least 6″ larger than damaged area
7. round off all corners of patch
8. turn patch upside down (rough-side) and apply glue to rough-side and also the surrounding area of out-side of patch.
9. pick up patch and apply glue to inside of out-lined patch area
10. allow glue on patch and tarp to dry to a light haze. confirm that glue on both areas are almost dry.
11. apply patch to damaged area and smooth out by hand. (for best results use round pipe and press all air bubbles out). allow patch to dry for at least 30 minutes
12. in some case apply baby powder to out-side of surrounding area to prevent patch
from sticking to other patches.

Kit Includes 1 quart HH-66


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