Red Tarp Tape Stick Patch Kit 10pc pack


Manufacturer: DOUBLE C

Condition: New

Color: RED

Price:  $17.50 Price Excluding Tax

Availability: In-Stock

# Available: 40


Product Description

Double C Canvas

Red Tarp Tape Stick patch 10 pcs. 6″ x 6″

Tarp Repair Instructions
1. identify all holes or rips
2. flip tarp to back side
3. using scissors or sharp knife, trim all loose edges
4. clean the damaged area at least 6″ all four sides using simple green, purple degreaser, Comet and water. do not use gasoline, or any oil based cleaner
5. make sure cleaned area in 100% dry
6. cut patch at least 6″ larger than damaged area
7. round off all corners of patch

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