Vertical Drops Sompy or Hand Crank

Double C Canvas and Repairs Inc.

Vertical drops

Manufactured using the best material available, either 18oz coated F/R Certified with .020 clear f/r, or 90% Textilene Or new NANO 95, OR 97. In most cases we will match all hardware and track to the material color or to the customer’s wall color. All curtains are manufactured using an RF Welder no sewing is involved to insure a long lasting application. Life-span of the Textilene Curtain is a warranty of 5 yrs. And will last up 10 yrs.+

Please call or come buy or location to set up an appointment for your next project. No job is too big or too small. Curtains In Midlothian, Double C Canvas and Repairs Inc. Curtains